CE RESOURCES SDN. BHD. is a well recognized company in Malaysia, in introducing new clean technologies to Oil & Gas Industry all over Malaysia. CE Resources Sdn. Bhd. has established our presences for over 5 years and has been contributing greatly to Oil & Gas Clients since 2000. We are constantly seeking new clean technologies to allow our clients to have cost saving benefits as well as clean solution to meet HSE Standard in Malaysia.

    The MERUS RING offers a Green and Clean Solution to all types of Water Treatment Application. The Solution of MERUS Ring lies in its ability to create "Influence or Condition" onto the Water, thus creating a new method of Water Treatment.
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    DANUM WELL SERVICE LTD is one of the leading authorities in Wireline and Slickline operations, which is founded to supply much needed alternative products to oil and gas industry wireline operations. Danum Well Services Ltd, is also known for its quality manufacturing, has proven to be a well recognized competitor in the field.
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    QUANTUM PETROLEUM is a niche player in the specialty and Industrial-Lubricants business, focusing on value-added products that are not widely or readily available in Quality Speaking. Quantum Petroleum perfected unique automated manufacturing processing plant resultinh in lower manufacturing cost.
    Quantum Petroleum produce the highest quality lubricant in accordance with API & OEM and with maximum variation, which does not exceed 1/1000.

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